Affordable Healthcare...FINALLY!!


As healthcare costs rise and insurance deductibles are increasing, we would like to share a few points to consider when deciding where to have your imaging exams.

Freestanding vs Hospital Affiliated Facilities

  Freestanding facilities are those that do not have affiliations with hospitals. Reston Radiology Consultants' Outpatient Imaging Centers are considered Freestanding. Our negotiated insurance rates are much lower than the larger hospital affiliated sites.

What are "Global Fees"?

  Global Fees are the total amount of your exam or one simple bill. When choosing a facility, one question to ask is "Do you have a global fee or is there a separate cost for the interpretation of your exam?" The interpretation is known as the "Professional Fee" or "Reading Fee". The "Technical Fee" is the exam itself so let's think of it in math terms: Technical Fee + Reading Fee = Total Cost. RRC only has one simple bill. No hidden costs or a separate bill from the Reading Radiologist. Most people don't realize at the time of their exam that a separate bill is coming.

Increasing Deductibles: What does that mean for your wallet?

  Deductibles are what patients owe out-of-pocket for the year. The days of low or no deductibles are going away, which means you will owe more throughout the year. For example, if your deductible is $5,000 then you will pay for all exams done until you meet your $5,000 deductible.


  Most individuals have insurance plans that have co-insurance. These plans are often an 80-20 or 90-10 plan. In other words, your insurance pays 80% of the exam and you pay 20%. Keep in mind, this is only when you have met your deductible as you pay the entire amount until it has been met. Once the deductible is met, your co-insurance goes into effect.
What does all this mean? Shopping costs is becoming the norm. Informed choice is another term that insurance companies have adopted recently. Some of these insurance companies call their patients to inform them of lower cost facilities which keeps Healthcare costs down and saves their patients money out-of-pocket. Reston Radiology Consultants is committed to excellent care while maintaining more affordable costs to their patients. We encourage all patients to contact their insurance companies or our billing office (703-726-1201) to find out how much you will owe for any exam your doctor orders.